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Group Ceremonies and Events

Upcoming Events

  • Online Cacao Ceremony "Dream Into Being"
    Fri, Mar 31
    Online Zoom Call
    Join me this coming New Moon for an online Cacao ceremony "Dream Into Being" . I will be guiding you through ceremony, visualization, breathwork, Light Language activation and a journey into your Akashic Records. I will be sending Violet Flame Reiki during this whole experience.

Client Love!


Dawn Dewitt,


I really resonated with Aurailia’s Human design reading for me. It explained so much about how I have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, created things in my past and why. I had some very powerful mindset shifts looking at who I am authentically and who I try to be because of outside sources. Aurailia was so comfortable to talk to! I left our meeting feeling completely energized and thinking of how to move forward with these new strategies. I am finding the strategies she suggested for me are creating new sources of energy and clarity in my life.

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