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Oracle Card Readings

02.22 Language Activation
& Oracle Card Reading

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02.22 is a potent portal for manifestation where I will be recording a Light Language activation. In this reading I will pull your Human Design chart and 3 cards from my Oracle decks, while sending you Violet Flame reiki (if you choose to receive)


02.22 Light Language Activation codes:

I was called to connect with the energy of today's portal and transmit Light Language codes. I will be recording the transmission on 02.22 at 2:22 pm.


Light Language is not something you understand intellectually, it is something you feel in your body. It will activate your cells in areas of your being that are ready to be activated and up-leveled.


This will be recorded and included with your oracle card reading.


What you get:
- Oracle card pulls (3 cards) with audio readings
- Photo of the cards

- The readings are done through the lens of your unique Human Design.
- Audio of the channeled 02.22 Light Activation codes


You are an infinite soul that is capable of so much. Let this transmission unlock areas within you that are ready to level up. Let your soul be reminded of the miracle that is you.

(Limited spaces available)



Client Love!


Dawn Dewitt,


I really resonated with Aurailia’s Human design reading for me. It explained so much about how I have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, created things in my past and why. I had some very powerful mindset shifts looking at who I am authentically and who I try to be because of outside sources. Aurailia was so comfortable to talk to! I left our meeting feeling completely energized and thinking of how to move forward with these new strategies. I am finding the strategies she suggested for me are creating new sources of energy and clarity in my life.

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