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8/8 Lion's Gate Portal Light Activation

This is a powerful portal of cosmic alignment where the Sun in Leo, the Sirius Star, Orion's Belt and the Earth align, creating an energetic gateway of powerful connections and massive transformations. 


This cosmic event occurs between July 28th and August 12th where it peaks August 8th. In numerology, 8 represents infinity, strength, empowerment and manifestation hence why 8.8 is a powerful portal to manifest what you desire.


During this alignment, higher frequency energies flood through this gateway bringing us heightened wisdom, experiences, and activations. 


Let this powerful portal ignite your inner magic, allowing you to step into the version of you that is living their dream.


You will be able to:

​~ Let go of what no longer serves you

~ Cut the chords of energetic attachments that are keeping you from living your best life.

~ Deepen your trust with your inner guidance.

~ Tune into the Frequency of abundance.

~ Connect with your highest timeline and the version of you that is abundant, happy, confident, successful and unstoppable.

~ Communicate with your spirit animals


The Experience:

• Guided meditation to open the heart and connect to the elements and guides

• A guided visualization into your Akashic Records where you will connect to your highest timeline meeting the version of you that is living your dream life.

• Light Language transmission to activate your cells for abundance and momentum

• Violet Flame healing 


I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! ♥️

8/8 Lion's Gate Portal Light Activation

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