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Akashic Records Reading + Healing

Akashic Record healing helps us to heal our soul, releasing negative cycles or patterns.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 155 US dollars
  • Distance Healing

Service Description

The Akashic Records are a library of records of your past-life experiences, relationships, and conclusions – all that has led to your present identity. In addition, the records can reveal your future potential. The events of past lives, future lives, and all events on Earth are available to us in the Akashic records. Having an Akashic reading helps you become UNBOUND from attachment to stories, emotions, thoughts, traumas and circumstances so you can live your present life to the fullest and in your own way. The Akashic Records healing takes you on a journey through your past lives or current life in order to receive insight and messages to heal your current and future life. The benefits of Akashic Healing: ✨ It can help you identify core beliefs and limitations that cause problems in life. Maybe you have been carrying these blocks from a past life. ✨ Akashic Records can bring a lot of understanding to why things happen the way they ✨ You can also understand why you have attracted some difficult relationships in your Life. You learn how to forgive and understand the Divine Plan. During the Akashic Records healing, I use Violet Flame to clear and cleanse the record. I also may use it to transmute the record and replace it with a new record and unbound you from the old one. What happens in a healing session: ~ I walk you through a visualization with music and sound tools to open up your healing portal. ~ I take you on a journey into your Akashic Records to meet your Akashic records keeper. ~ In your Akashic Records you may receive messages from your highest self and guides. ~ I tune into what your guides and Keeper want to show me. ~ Repair your auric field ~ Address a current issue that may need healing or resolution through the life force energy of the Violet Flame Reiki ~ With the energy of the Violet Flame I can clear Karmic energy from past, current and future lives. 🌺 You will also receive an Aura Goddess ritual box shipped to you as a gift. This will enhance your healing and self love. These products are carefully and lovingly made and selected by me and infused with Violet Flame Reiki. The box will ship out within 2 business days after our session. Shipping is free so there is no extra cost to you. 🌺 I look forward to supporting your unique healing process! You deserve this!

Cancellation Policy

Payments are due upon booking *Any cancellations or changes must be done 48 hours before the booking time.

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