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Goddess Light Activation & Oracle Card Reading

These Oracle Card readings are done through the lens of your Human Design.


In this reading I will pull your Human Design chart and a card from my Goddess decks, to connect with the Goddess that wants to come through for you.


This Goddess will be a prominent essence and guide for you this year.


Plus I pull 1-2 cards from other decks with messages from your highest self, guides, angels and anyone else that wants to come through.


These readings are done through the lens of your Human Design.


Every single card is a gateway, a vortex, a portal that connects you with a particular energy and through the lens of your unique energetic blue print (Human Design), I give you a reading that is most aligned with who you are.


I was called to connect with the energy of the Goddesses in a special ceremony, which I will be channeling light language transmissions with their message for the collective. Light Language is not something you understand intellectually, it is something you feel in your body.


It will activate your cells and areas in your being that are ready to be activated and up-leveled.


This will be recorded and included with the oracle card reading.


Many of the activating energies are direct transmissions of ancient wisdom, energetic upgrades and downloads that will unlock your spiritual connection. They will bring through information that will help you embody the wisdom of your soul and previous incarnations. You may find that some of these transmissions unlock memories of past lives or reveal soul contracts that you agreed to before choosing to enter your current incarnation. 


This code activates your full light body, your connection to your Higher Self and to source energy! It provides emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing and balancing of your chakras. It activates the power within to heal yourself, and release anything that no longer serves you. It will feel like coming home.


What you get:
- Oracle card pulls with audio reading
- Photo of the cards
- Audio of the channeled Goddess Light Activation codes


You are an infinite soul that is capable of so much. Let this transmission unlock areas within you. Let your soul be reminded of the miracle that is you.


Much blessings to you beautiful soul family ❤️

Goddess Light Activation & Oracle Card Reading

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