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Step into Your Next Level Self and Create the Life You Desire!

When you embody the version of you that has the life you envision, every action you take will come from this space and will lead you to bringing all of it to fruition. Join Embody Wealth Membership today and start your journey towards manifesting the life you've always dreamed of.

This membership portal holds the magic of a community that is ready to shift and BE their next level selves. Its a place where you can show up as that version of you and embody her energy.

It's a place of magic, rituals, money mindset, healing and so much more!

Enrollment is now open!

Embody Wealth Membership



Every month

A portal to your next level self

Valid until canceled

**Pricing is in USD

Yearly membership available

Click here

Step Into The Flow of Your next Level Self.


The journey of creating your dream life should be just as exciting and fulfilling as it is when you actually reach those goals.

But that's not an easy thing to achieve.


I know how hard and frustrating it is to stay motivated and inspired when you are not seeing immediate results...


I know that feeling, in the pit of the stomach, when you see your finances running low and you've worked so hard on your business...

I know it's hard to feel abundant and grateful when no money is coming in...


But I want to tell you this...


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. That dream life you've been working on is on its way to you because it has already happened. The Universe would not be giving you this deep KNOWING and DESIRE of a better life if you weren't meant to have it. You're feeling this because you've connected to a timeline where this has already happened.


You are meant to create a life you are lit up by!


It takes work. It takes consistency. It takes perseverance...and it takes massive belief in yourself!

Enjoying Outdoor

What I've learned on this journey, is that being in the right mindset and connecting to your dream every day is crucial, because the actions that you take need to come from a place of alignment to your dreams and goals and not from a place of scarcity and fear.


Taking action is one of the most IMPORTANT steps in manifestation, but equally important is to be connected to your next level self and embody the energy and frequency of already achieved the goals.


Taking action from this space will lead you to the path of least resistance and that will lead you to the business and life that you desire.

You will have unwavering beliefs in yourself and you will move forward with confidence and a KNOWING.

Deep down you know you are meant to live a life of abundance, luxury, adventure, ease and flow...

Waking up everyday doing what you love and getting paid for it, is your birth right!


You are designed for this!

You can feel it in your body. You know you are meant to do big things.

You can visualize it and feel it so clearly...

You can feel the financial freedom running through your body...

and it's the best feeling!!

But the thing is that your reality may not match what you're envisioning...

You look at your bank account, and it doesn't align with the financial abundance you've envisioned....

You talk to your friends and family about your dreams and they don't get you. They make you feel that you're chasing dreams and you need to get back to reality...

You scroll through Social Media and you see that others are hitting their financial see them doing what you want to do and living an extraordinary life and you feel triggered and discouraged!

You launch your product, masterclass, program and you feel defeated because it's not getting the results you were hoping.

You feel alone because you KNOW that you are meant for this abundant, extraordinary life and you feel that no one gets you.

You secretly love all things magic and spells and you're afraid to share that love for fear of sounding too woo woo.

Navigating in Woods

So imagine a place where you can BE the magical, magnetic, wealthy version of you

A place where you get to step into your next level self and be supported for all of your magic and presence.

A place where you get to shift your mindset to abundance and wealth.

A portal for you to plug into the energy of abundance and wealth.

A place where you get to experience ceremonies, community support and tools to support your journey of becoming your next level self.

A place where you get to play with magic, spells and ritual


Embody Wealth Membership



Every month

A portal to your next level self

Valid until canceled

**Pricing is in USD

Yearly membership available

Click here

This membership is designed to uplift you and help you embody your next level self.

When you connect with the version of you that has already created the life you desire, miracles unfold.

You become unstoppable.

With a newfound sense of purpose and vision, you'll be propelled into action.

This shift in perspective takes you from a place of neediness and lack to one of confidence and certainty. You'll know deep within that your dreams are within reach.

Here what you can expect:

✨ Immerse yourself in transformative experiences like Cacao Ceremonies, Light Activations, Group Healing, and more every month to elevate your consciousness.

✨ Gain access to a growing library of monthly hypnosis, meditations, and energetic activation tools to support your inner growth and self-discovery.

✨ Masterclasses on Money Mindset, Human Design and Wealth embodiment as I see fit.

✨ Engage in simple yet impactful monthly challenges designed to help you step into the version of yourself that creates the life you desire.

✨ Become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your dreams and aspirations, offering guidance, encouragement, and friendship.

✨ Amazing member discounts on personal 1:1 sessions with Aurailia and in the Aura Goddess shop

BONUS: Receive a FREE Mindscaping 1:1 session with me to remove blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. This is an amazing gift from me!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your life. Join this exclusive membership and start embodying the version of you that creates the life you desire.

yarly plan

This is a monthly membership
(you can cancel at any time if you enroll in the monthly plan)


**Pricing is in USD

* You can cancel at any time


Grab the Yearly membership and receive 3 months free.

(You can not cancel the yearly plan once you enroll)



Who am I?

I'm an energy healer, spiritual mentor and an empowerment coach, helping women remember who they are through the lens of Human Design, so that they can create a life they are lit up by. Through healing, balancing your inner and outer energetic centers, and learning about your energetic blueprint, you will have the tools to elevate your life and those around you.

I teach women all over the world how to expand their self-awareness and align their energy to create the deeply fulfilling, wildly expansive life their soul is craving, both internally + externally. My work is largely around energetic healing, wealth embodiment and Human Design.

I come from the corporate world. I've been in corporate for 20 years before I decided to give up everything I worked fro to pursue the life I was always meant to live. A life of freedom doing what I love. 

The last few years I've learned various tools and ways of embodying my next level self and being in the energy of wealth. I've made it my mission to help others step into their next level self and create a life they are lit up by. A life of freedom doing what they love.

  • Is this membership only for entrepreneurs?
    While I love working with entrepreneurs, and a significant number of my clients are women working on their businesses, It's crucial to emphasize that this community is inclusive and open to everyone dedicated to embracing their higher selves. We invite individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their specific goals. What matters most is your eagerness to learn, grow, and transform.
  • Where is the membership hosted?
    At present, our community will primarily connect through a Facebook group where we can openly share our journeys and grow together as a supportive community. Additionally, our library of meditations, hypnosis sessions, and healing tools will be conveniently hosted on the Teachable platform. This allows easy access to the resources you need for your transformation. Please note that in the future, we may explore the possibility of migrating to a different platform where all our content will be hosted together for your convenience. I'll keep you informed of any such developments as we continue to enhance your membership experience.
  • Do I need to already be embodying my next level self?
    No. I will provide you with a range of tools and techniques that will guide you on your journey to embodying your next level self. This will include ceremonies, hypnosis/meditations, and monthly challenges carefully designed to help you tap into and embody the energy of your next level self. Together, we'll work towards your personal transformation and growth.
  • What's the price of the membership?
    The membership fee you agreed to when you first signed up will remain unchanged for as long as you stay enrolled. If you decide to cancel your membership and later decide to rejoin, you'll be subject to the current rate at that time. To ensure continuous access to our community and resources, your membership fee will be automatically charged each month. We value your dedication to your personal growth and the Embody Wealth journey.
  • What if I want to cancel?
    You can cancel your membership anytime by sending us an email at, and we'll handle your request promptly. Just make sure to request the cancellation at least 72 hours before your renewal date. Once you cancel, you'll be immediately removed from the membership, even if your billing cycle isn't finished. We want to make the cancellation process easy and convenient for you.
  • Will you be coaching in the membership group?
    While I'll be actively involved in the membership and regularly engage with our community, it's important to note that I may not always be able to provide individualized answers or offer one-on-one coaching. However, I encourage you to pose questions within the membership because our fantastic community of members is here to support each other. The primary focus of this membership is to provide a nurturing space for you to easily adopt the mindset and energy of wealth. It's a platform for community, transformation, and activation. While I thoroughly enjoy coaching and educating (with opportunities for this within the membership), if you're seeking direct mentorship or personalized guidance from me, I recommend exploring my high-level private coaching or other offerings specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Can I promote my business or offers in the membership?
    To maintain the focus on cultivating an environment where every member can easily tap into the energy of wealth, I kindly request that no promotions of your business or offers take place within this space. Our aim is to provide a dedicated and distraction-free community for your growth and transformation within the membership. Thank you for respecting this policy. I may consider a space to share our businesses, talents and gifts, in the future.
  • Do you guarantee results or offer refunds?
    This membership is crafted to assist in your personal growth and the pursuit of embodying your next level self. However, specific results are not guaranteed, and I do not provide refunds, whether partial or full. Your membership fee covers access to the community, resources, and experiences offered within the membership. The outcomes you achieve will be influenced by your commitment and active participation. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Do I retain access to content from the membership if I cancel my subscription?
    Please note that access to the content within the membership is granted only while you maintain an active subscription. If your subscription is not active, you will lose access to the membership content. We encourage members to ensure their subscriptions remains active to continue enjoying the full benefits of the community and resources.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
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