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Who am I?

I'm an energy healer, spiritual mentor and an empowerment coach, helping women remember who they are through the lens of Human Design, so that they can create a life they are lit up by. Through healing, balancing your inner and outer energetic centers, and learning about your energetic blueprint, you will have the tools to elevate your life and those around you.

I teach women all over the world how to expand their self-awareness and align their energy to create the deeply fulfilling, wildly expansive life their soul is craving, both internally + externally. My work is largely around energetic healing and Human Design.


I'm a Shamanic Reiki Master Healer and Akashic Records Healer. I integrate Violet Flame Reiki, Metatron healing, Crystal healing, sound healing and Light Language activation in my healing sessions. I infuse Human Design with energy healing. I believe that when you are in alignment with your inner and your outer self then you become a vibrational match to the life you want to create.

"Fall in love with your future more than you love your past"
Joe Dispenza


You're not like everyone else, so stop trying to push your way to your goals. You're meant to unleash ALL of who you really are, unapologetically, and be paid for it. It might be scary but it will also set you free, and that's what you want most.

My Story!


Let's go back a bit. I've had a very colorful life so far. I was a paratrooper in the military, I worked on a cow farm for a year, I worked on a yacht for 4 months taking tourists to Egypt for scuba diving, I spent a month in Dahab Egypt snorkeling all day, I backpacked through Europe and the US, I partied a lot along the way at various festivals (love parade and burning man!) and I was immersed in the Tantra community for the past 15 years. I really had a full life.

Ever since I was young I was connected to spirit. I was able to feel things and know things that others were not tuned into. I was a free spirit that loved life and traveled whenever I had the chance but life had other plans and lessons for me.

To the outside world it looked like I had a perfect life, that I was happy and following my heart but it was far from the truth. I was sexually abused multiple times in my life (at an early age and a later phase in life). I had an abusive relationship that ended at my partner throwing a mug at my face. I was raised to go with what society tells us to do (even though my soul and body knew better), go to college, find a good job, find a husband, have kids, buy a house and work hard climbing the ladder to success until I retire (I did all that and more).



I was depressed a lot, to the point I didn't want to be here on this earth. I was begging for God to come and get me. I was stressed out from long hours of work and because I worked so much I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my kids and my partner. My soul was crying a lot.  I lost myself and my connection to spirit...


That is until I stumbled into the Tantric world. Everything changed! It was my escape from reality and I was so happy when I was in that world. I participated and helped facilitate over a hundred workshops and retreats. I connected to spirit again and my gifts started to resurface. I knew I had so much more magic inside that wanted to come out but I was stuck in the world I created.


“Spend time, contemplating who you want to be. The mere process of contemplating who you want to be, begins to change your brain.”

— Joe Dispenza. (don't you just love him!)

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As much as I wanted to leave my corporate job, I felt safe in it. I was making a really great salary with amazing benefits and the thought that it would all go away was terrifying for me. I kept begging spirit to show me the way but I was too afraid to leave my comfortable life, to see the signs. I ended up accepting that this was my life and I was one of those people that didn't get to do what their soul was called to. I was in deep depression and had suicidal thoughts. Then COVID happened and the company I was with decided they didn't need me after 20 years, so I was laid off. I felt my whole world crumble. I cried a lot that day and I was angry. I had to process a lot of emotions but at the same time I felt a huge relief. This was my chance to change everything.

That's what I did!


The following week I paid $7000 for a coach, joined the Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins and joined a mastermind. That's with no money coming in, but I felt on top of the world. I even had a handful of clients right from the start that wanted to pay me for coaching. I started to follow the strategies that other successful coaches were teaching and the more I did that, the more I felt misaligned. The things they were teaching out there did not feel good to me. I felt that my soul was craving something else. Here I was trying to get away from corporate yet I still felt I was in the corporate world.

My soul wanted to connect back to who I truly was, before all of the conditioning. That is when Human Design found me and taught me how to follow my inner GPS for a life that is in alignment with my soul's desires. As I took one step forward towards what made me truly happy, more things that filled my soul were presented to me. I was allowing my sacral to respond to life (Which is what a Generator type does) rather than my logical mind responding to life. I went back to what I loved most and what lit me up, which was energetic work and healing and that is when I decided to combine Human Design with energy healing. I saw so many amazing results with my clients and the more I surrendered to what my heart wanted to do the more I became aligned in my life and my business took off. Things started to manifest in ways I couldn't even imagine. 

This is what I want for you!
Through energetic healing and aligning to your energetic blueprint you will become a magnet to the life you desire.


"When you own your ENERGY you MASTER your life!"


Let's grab a tea or coffee and connect virtualy!

Schedule a FREE 15 min. clarity call so you can receive some guidance for your journey as we explore what feels aligned to you.

Client Love!



Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 3.38.02 PM.png

I received the most incredible Shamanic Reiki session from Aurailia. She is truly awe inspiring and has a very special healing gift. I was blown away with her feedback. The universe definitely steered me in her direction. I needed reassurance, guidance and healing and I received all from Aurailia. Thank you so much for holding space for me. 💚✨

I woke up feeling so happy, loved and excited for the future. I made a big effort to be present today and like u said I'd see the signs that I was missing. Which I did. Thank you so much. I'm eternally grateful 🙏

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