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Human Design Gift

What to expect:

Give someone you love the gift of insight. This is for a personalized 1:1 reading with Aurailia. It will give them real-time insight into their specific design, highlighting how to best utilize their energy, how to make decisions that are most aligned with their highest self, which areas they're more open to conditioning from others, and which personality traits and gifts they can draw from to create more flow, clarity, purpose and success in their career, relationships, and everyday life.

Your soul came here to live a spectacular life and Human Design is the GPS to living that life.


What they get:

  • Overview of their Design Type, Authority, and Strategy.

  • Explanation of their Profile and how to practically apply this to their life.

  • A look into their defined and open centers, key gates, channels and cross of incarnation.

  • Guidance on how to incorporate this knowledge into their life and strategies for nurturing their unique gifts in the world.

  • We will finish with a healing and cord cutting of their energetic attachments of their open centers. 

  • They will get a full recording of the reading and a PDF copy.

  • Tools to support their journey (meditations, EFT tapping and more)

  • A follow up email to see how they are integrating.

Human Design Gift

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