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Hi Gorgeous
It's time for you to remember who you are and shine your light!

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Hypnotherapist • Reiki Master • Chakra Dance Facilitator • Human Design Expert • Light Language Activator • Mindset Coach


You are here to shine your light and share your unique magic.

Somewhere along your life journey you forgot.

You forgot how remarkable and unique you are.

You forgot that you hold divine light within you.

You forgot that you are capable of anything.

You forgot that you are worthy of everything that your soul desires!

When women tap into the magic and essence of who they truly are, they unleash and vibrate a unique magnetism out into the world that makes them unstoppable!

Through understanding the energetic blueprint you were born with and healing, balancing and activating your chakras, you'll flow into alignment and become an energetic match to the life you desire.

You are a Warrior Goddess!

When women are thriving and living a life they are lit up by, the whole world benefits. 


You're not meant to live someone else's dream.

You're not meant to keep recreating your past.


You're meant to live a life you are lit up by.

You're meant to be free and love what you do.

You're meant to live in the moment...

consciously creating your reality!


YOU are the creator of your world!

Be the leading energy of your life!

Hi beautiful soul, I'm Aurailia

So happy you are on my page .....I know that life can get difficult, stressful and you can feel stuck and frustrated that you are not living your best life and you are not living the life that you were meant to live.


I get it, I've been there too, and I was done playing small and living someone else's life. I knew there was so much more of the real me that was crying to come out. I wanted to live a life of financial freedom, doing what I love and have the impact in this world that my soul was craving.



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Energy Healing

I offer Shamanic Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Metatron, Chakra clearing/balancing, Crystal healing, Akashic Healing and light code activation. Click below to get all the details.


Aura Goddess Shop

I take great pride on making products that are made with the highest quality and attention. Here you will find Goddess ritual products like my Cleopatra Milk baths that are divine and Goddess Ritual oils plus more.

Human (2).png

Human Design

You have a unique energetic blueprint and Human Design is the GPS to live a life your soul desires. Book your Human Design reading infused with energy healing below.


Digital Vault

Here you will find the Digital Vault with meditations, Light Language transmissions, online cacao ceremony replays and more coming soon! Everything I do comes from deep love to helping humanity rise up ❤️


1:1 Mentoring Package


Are you seeking support and guidance along your journey so that you can show up as your full authentic self and create the life and business that you long?

Not sure what's the right fit for you?

Schedule a FREE 15 min. clarity call to receive some guidance for your journey as we explore what feels aligned to you.


Dawn Dewitt,


I really resonated with Aurailia’s Human design reading for me. It explained so much about how I have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, created things in my past and why. I had some very powerful mindset shifts looking at who I am authentically and who I try to be because of outside sources. Aurailia was so comfortable to talk to! I left our meeting feeling completely energized and thinking of how to move forward with these new strategies. I am finding the strategies she suggested for me are creating new sources of energy and clarity in my life.

"I believe in magic... the magic light that is within you and that magic light is the energetic magnetism that attracts everything to you." ~ Aurailia

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