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You are an infinite soul!

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My wish is to help you activate the light within you so that you can create a life you are lit up by. Everything I create comes from a place of love and intention. 

Here you will find meditations, Light Language transmissions to activate your cells, Cacao ceremony replays and workshops.

"Your Light Language gave me a feeling of coming home. Even though I didn't understand what you were saying intellectually, my heart and soul understood and I felt every cell light up within me. It was absolutely an amazing experience!" ~ Elizabeth M


Hypnosis/ Meditations

Money/ Abundance / Law of Attraction

Light Code Activations

Cacao Ceremonies

cacao ceremonies


Coming soon...

You are an infinite soul capable of so much.
Live the life you were born to live!



Client Love!


Dawn Dewitt,


I really resonated with Aurailia’s Human design reading for me. It explained so much about how I have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, created things in my past and why. I had some very powerful mindset shifts looking at who I am authentically and who I try to be because of outside sources. Aurailia was so comfortable to talk to! I left our meeting feeling completely energized and thinking of how to move forward with these new strategies. I am finding the strategies she suggested for me are creating new sources of energy and clarity in my life.

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