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You are an infinite soul!

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My wish is to help you activate the light within you so that you can create a life you are lit up by. Everything I create comes from a place of love and intention. 

Here you will find meditations, Light Language transmissions to activate your cells, Cacao ceremony replays and workshops.

"Your Light Language gave me a feeling of coming home. Even though I didn't understand what you were saying intellectually, my heart and soul understood and I felt every cell light up within me. It was absolutely an amazing experience!" ~ Elizabeth M


Hypnosis/ Meditations

Light Code Activations

Cacao Ceremonies

cacao ceremonies


Coming soon...

You are an infinite soul capable of so much.
Live the life you were born to live!



Client Love!


Nez Gunal

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 4.18.19 PM.png

I instantly connected to Aurailia energy. She is such a an amazing soul who helps guide and send healing energy, she does it with love and passion, our session was amazing, her vision of my ancestors were spot on and when she started speaking light language during our session my autistic non verbal son started speaking back to her in his light language. The energy was unreal, I was in shock but my heart whole. Following day after the healing session I woke up energized and felt like weight has been taken off my shoulders my mind was no longer foggy clouded with negative thoughts, I woke up fresh. I would definitely book her again and recommend her to my family & friends she is an amazing beautiful soul!

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