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Your Human Design Authority

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Your Human Design Authority is the way you are designed to make decisions, particularly larger and more important ones and it is based off which centers are defined in your chart. Our Authority is how our body informs us and it knows what's best when making a decision.

So often we let our mind run the show; how many times have you wanted to do something then started to be filled with questions, confusion and doubt about if it would work out or not or be good for you or not? Our mind will always question things, that’s its job to get information, but the mind's job isn’t to make decisions. That is something our body is meant for.

We often hear things like ‘follow your heart,’ ‘trust your gut,’ ‘don’t follow your emotions,’ but this advice isn’t actually meant for everyone. Not all of us are meant to trust our gut in the moment, some of us need to wait for emotional clarity, some of us need to speak so that we can hear ourselves for clarity, and others need to be in the right environment to tune in to what's right.

The more you trust your Authority the more ease, abundance and joy you will have and that will lead you to trusting that you are being led exactly where you need to go!

If you’ve been following Human Design for a while, or even if you are new to it, you've likely heard people say “Follow your Strategy and Authority” over and over again and there is good reason for this. This is the first step of following your design. Although understanding your energy centers is a very important part of your design, following your Strategy and Authority is where it all starts.

So first grab your chart and look at what Authority you have. If you don't know your Authority then click here and fill out your birth information and I will will send you your chart plus a guide about your energy design type.

A quick overview of the different Authorities.

Emotional Authority

If your Solar Plexus energy center is defined, you have Emotional Authority. You will feel waves of emotions throughout the day. Anyone with an open solar plexus is picking up on others emotional wave and amplifying it. You are not meant to make decisions on the spot. There is no truth in the now for you.

For little things you want to decide on, you can take a moment or two and wait to see if you feel the yes or no coming from your body, but for bigger decisions you need to wait a day or sometimes two and make sure you are not on a high wave or low wave. Wait out the emotional wave and decide from a place of being cool, calm, and collected. If it's a yes move on it and if a no or not sure then it is a no or not right now.

Sacral Authority

The sacral functions in the present moment. Having Sacral Authority means that your inner source of truth is rooted deep in your body, in its energetic gut response to life. This is that gut knowing, that in the moment hell yes and hell no that so many of us are told to chase.

Sacral beings and Sacral authority are known to respond to things with Sacral sounds, things like uhn uh or uh huh among other grunts and groans.This is an in-the-moment direction towards what does or doesn’t feel exciting for you. If you feel excited about something, go for it. If you don’t, don’t. It really is that simple. Ask your Sacral center yes/no questions. This gives the Sacral center something to respond to.

Splenic Authority

If your authority is Splenic then you don’t have a defined sacral or emotional solar plexus so you are either a Manifestor or Projector. The Spleen is the center of fears, intuition and health and the spleen speaks to you once and moves on, so it’s incredibly important to practice presence so you can listen for the direction coming in. Experiment with this and work to get out of your mind.

Don’t let your mind, or the emotions, wants, needs, and pressures of others take over, and trust your body instead. The Splenic guidance may be a clear inner-voice that offers specific direction/instruction, but it may be more of a feeling. It’s important to trust and honor those instinctual nudges, even when they may not seem logical.

Ego/Heart Authority

Manifestors with this Authority: It’s very important to listen to what you’re saying when verbalizing your thoughts and wants, without worrying about controlling what’s coming out, just listen to it. You ego will speak the truth. Verbalize in the moment to process decisions, and trust your voice in the process. You’re designed to make decisions purely based on if you “selfishly” want to do/have/pursue something or not. Do YOU want it? Are you motivated by it? What does your heart desire?

Projectors with this Authority: If you have this authority as a Projector, waiting for the invitation is crucial to making the correct decision for you, you need the people in your life to come and invite you to things. This is a rare authority and because it’s coming from the Heart Center, which is a motor, you will either have the heart (energy) to do something, or you won’t, and it’s so important to pay attention to that energy. Allow yourself to be selfish when making decisions and ask “what do I want?” and “what feels most ‘me’?” If your heart isn’t in it, then it’s not for you.

Self-Projected (G-Center) Authority

With the defined G-Center, you have a strong sense of who you are and where you’re going in life.If you are a self projected Projector then you have your G Center connected to your throat and you need to hear yourself speaking out loud to make decisions. Verbal processing is important for you to make decisions, and clarity comes from sharing your thoughts with others. They don't need to offer advice or thoughts in return, but just sharing your thoughts and ideas with them will be very beneficial for you.

It’s important to have safe people who understand your boundaries and to understand that you just need a safe space to hear yourself speak. A sounding board. You can also use your phone and record yourself and listen to how you feel when speaking about the thing. You will know if something is right for you or not by hearing your voice.

Mental/ Environment Authority

This means that you have either the Head + Ajna defined only or Head + Ajna + Throat defined, with no definition below the throat. Your environment is important for you because you have so much openness below the throat. If the environment is wrong, then the people are wrong, and that will affect your decision making. If the environment feels wrong then move to another place and tune into what feels right. Really feel into the environment you are in to get clarity on the correct decisions for you. You’ll know when something is the right decision or thing to do when it makes sense to you, regardless of whether it makes sense to other people. When it feels obvious and feels like it clicks into place for you, that’s the right decision. The Mental authority is all about looking at the information in front of you and making a logical decisions that is logical for you.

To release the mental pressure you have, you need to talk it out and hear your own voice. The body tells you. Your body will give you signals when you are not in the right environment or about to do something it doesn’t want to. It could be something like feeling sick or dizzy and it doesn’t take long. It reacts instantly. The only tricky part is to notice the small hints of the body.

Lunar Authority

This is the Authority for Reflectors because they don’t have any definition. It's important that you allow a lunar cycle to flow through the transiting authorities to come to the best decision you can. You’re ruled by the lunar cycle, or 28 day periods, which means you need longer stretches of time to make big decisions. Allow the “story” of the cycle you’re in to play out before making a decision on what to do next. Of course, if the decision is small it’s not realistic to wait 28 days to decide on where you’re going for dinner tonight, for example but knowing how important your environment is can be helpful in making decisions like these. It’s important for you to give yourself permission to slow down and not let the world rush you.

Getting to know your particular lunar cycle is incredibly helpful.


While your type and Authority are an important piece of your chart, there are other layers such as your open centers which show you where you take in other people's energy and their beliefs. This is where you your conditioning happens. The first thing to do to start living your truth and be in alignment is to follow your type, strategy and authority.

If this peaked your interest, I have a gift for you below!

Enter your exact birth information here and I'll pull up your Human Design Bodygraph (chart) and send you a FREE guide on your energy type, so you can start living in alignment with your most authentic self.

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