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The Benefits of Energy healing

Updated: May 8

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental imbalance to health and well-being. It opens you up to a deeper sense of ease, well-being, and purpose, and brings you back to your true self.

It is a holistic practice where healers channel universal life force (or healing energy) into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during a treatment.

It is believed that when the energy flow gets fixed, the person automatically will become balanced and the body will regain its natural healthy vibrance.

Our bodies are made of atoms and all atoms emit frequency (electromagnetic waves). When we are healthy, physically and emotionally, our cells flow in unison emitting harmonious frequencies. This allows us to be healthy, harmonious, aligned with life and we become a magnet to the life we desire.

When the frequencies are disrupted due to our environment and how we perceive it, our atoms emit inconsistent wavelengths of energy and we become imbalanced and prone to diseases, depression and anxiety. That is where we can fall into the trap that everything is happening to us and we start to spiral down. We feel tired, unmotivated, uninspired and are led by our fears and limiting beliefs.

I am a master healer specializing in Shamanic healing, sound healing, Chakra healing, Metatron healing, and Violet Flame healing, amongst others. I am also a Human Design expert and I love infusing it all together, giving you a beautiful and profound experience into your energetic blueprint. If you're ready to book your healing session you can click here to see the services I offer

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