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11.11 Light Language Code Transmission

A potent Light Language transmission that was channeled on 11.11 at 11:11 am. This transmission code is about grounding us but also elevating us. In this meditation, you will be guided through an activation of the Universal Code through Light Language.


This code activates your full light body, your conection to your higher self and to source energy.


You are an infinite soul that is capable of so much. Let this tranmission unlock areas within you. Let your soul be reminded of the miracle that is you.


When I channeled this transmission I felt Mother Gaia's energy come through my feet up my lower chakras and into my heart and at the same time I felt source and light beings come down through my Crown chakra and down the upper chakras and meeting Mother Gaia at the heart.


Light Language is not understood intilectually, Your mind may not understand the words but your soul and body will remember and receive the messages and codes for your activation.


People describe my Light Language as a "coming home" feeling.

11.11 Light Language Code Transmission

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