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Aura Goddess Box

June box!


You have the optiont o purchase as a one time or bi-monthly and save 15% off.


Every two months I create a new box of self care and ritual goodies.


A Goddess Ritual box that will raise your frequency and activate the Goddess within.


These items are either hand made by me or they are unique items I personally selected.


This is a bi-monthly box, meaning every two months I will have new luxurious ritual boxes with a limited number available.


Delights included this month:

🌺 Money Magnet Candle (custom made by me)

✨ Money magnet Spell Jar to call in money and success (custom made by me)

⚜️ Orgone Pyramid 

🔮 Interchangeable Stone Holder Necklace

🎋 Sun Moon Tree Of Life Altar Cloth

🌟 Palo Santo Incense sticks packet

🌙 Crystal Mini Obelisk Tower Point (2-3)

🐚 Simmer Pot bundle to cleanse, protect and call in abundance

🪷 Blue Lotus flowers for tea


(Total Value is $129)


Opt to purchase a subscription, whereby you’ll enjoy a box with unique products every second month and save 15%.


This box will help you connect with your inner Goddess and highest self. Opening your portal to call in abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Aura Goddess Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Aura Goddess Box
Subscribe & Save 15%
$65.45every 2 months until canceled
  • Abundance Simmer Pot:

    A variety of herbs to call in abundance and success into your home and business. Herbs used:

    Juniper Sprigs - To ward off negative energy and to open the portal of renewal energy and cleansing.

    Cinnamon - To call in abundance and success

    Orange slices - Invite in blessings, manifest your desires and call in joy

    Cloves - To drive away negativty and attract positive energy

    Lavender - To bring in peace and calm

    Bay leaves - To call in money and prosperity

    Star Anis - For protection, luck and clarity of your goals

    Chamomile - For relaxation, luck and very powerful for prosperity and money.

    Just add herbs to water and put on low heat and let the house get filled with the amazing aroma. I added a ritual for you to do when creating the simmer pot.

    *** Every item is infused with the Violet Flame Reiki to relax, restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

  • FREE shipping in the USA. 

    USPS shipping rates everywhere else.

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