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Human Design Digital Guide Book (add your birth info in the notes)

This Human Design Guide is a digital roadmap containing all the main elements of your unique Human Design blueprint in one place which you recieve in pdf format and is yours to keep and reference whenever needed. It serves as a manual to provide deeper insight into who you are: 


  • Type - your energy type and how you exchange it with the world.


  • Strategy - how opportunities will best present themselves to you and how you make things happen without resistance.


  • Authority - how to make the right decisions. How your body communicates to you when making decisions.


  • Defined and Undefined Centers - the energy centers that you emanate out into the world and the energy centers that you take in energy from the world.


  • Profile - Your unique personality. The way you see yourself and the way the world sees you.


  • Gates, Channels, and Cross of Incarnation - your unique traits, strengths, and gifts that show how you can accomplish and live out your purpose in life more easily and with more flow.


  • Arrows - how you best create routines, take in information, set goals, and manifest.


What you get:

A beautifully designed and personalized e-book that houses an in-depth look at all the main elements of your chart, plus you get actionable next steps for de-conditioning the programming that no longer serves you.


You’ll also find practical tools to help you heal and incorporate the knowledge of your design into your everyday life.


The digital version is emailed to you in print-quality PDF form within 5-7 business days of ordering.

Human Design Digital Guide Book (add your birth info in the notes)

  • Please add your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth in the notes at checkout. Thank you

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