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"I AM Abundant " Online Cacao Ceremony (Replay)

The Winter Solstice (which is Summer Solstice in some parts of the world) is one of my favorite times of year. It serves as an invitation to reflect on growth, let go of what no longer serves us, and get clear on what we desire to manifest and who we want to be in the coming year.

You will be able to:​

• Let go of limitations and fears around money, success and being all of you!

• Deepen your trust with your inner guidance.

• Tune into the Frequency of abundance.

• Receive messages from your higher self.

• Call in and receive visions for the life your soul craves.

• Connect with the version of you that is abundant, happy, confident, successful and unstoppable.

• Communicate with your spirit animals and Pachamama.


Dream Your Life Into Reality!

"I AM Abundant " Online Cacao Ceremony (Replay)

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