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"I AM Worthy " Online Cacao Ceremony (Replay)

A potent online Cacao Ceremony and  embodiment experience where I guide you through ceremony, visualization, Akashic records journey, breathwork, Light Language activation and movement. I sent Violet Flame Reiki during this whole experience to those present and those that watch the replay.


You will be able to:

• Let go of limitations and fears

• Deepen your trust with your inner guidance.

• Feel how supported you are, held, and loved exactly as you are.

• Connect and receive messages from your higher self

• Call in and receive visions for the life your soul craves

• Communicate with your spirit animals and Pachamama

• Step into the future version that you want to create


Dream Your Life Into Reality!

"I AM Worthy " Online Cacao Ceremony (Replay)

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