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Custom Money Reiki Box Bundle

There are lots of manifestation tools out there to call in money and one of my favorite tools is the Money Reiki Box.


I've been working with Reiki for a few years now and I have experienced, both for my clients and for myself, the magic of Reiki. The more you can trust and surrender to the power of Reiki healing the faster results you will see. 


One of my favorite Reiki modalities that I've had the privilage to study and get attuned to is Money Reiki. This modality was downloaded in a meditative state by Stephanie Brail.


Money Reiki is used for clearing out the negative energy in relation to money and for amplifying and magnetizing your money manifestation in your life and business.


I've created a Money Reiki box for my money altar where I can connect with daily and i've seen such an increase in my money flow. Even on weeks where I was taking breaks from marketing. 


I was asked to make this available for my clients so I decided to add this to my collection on Aura Goddess shop.


Every Money Reiki box I create is custom made, with intention, for the individual that purchased.


Each item in this bundle is activated with Reiki. I use both traditional Reiki symbols and Money Reiki symbols. I then infuse it with Violet Flame Reiki.


What's included in the bundle:

💸 A beautiful, Reiki activated, wooden green box 

💸 Items for the box to enhance your money manifestation: lucky laughing buddha, Pyrite crystal, chinese coins for luck and abundance, Bay leaves and herbs to enhance manifestation and more.

💸 4" - 4.5" Abalone Shell for protection and emotional balance

💸 Palo Santos for cleansing the energy

💸 "Show Me The Money" Candle

💸 Money Magnet Spell Jar

💸  Lucky Fortune Cat Keychain with Five Emperors Money Coins


You will receive a card with instructions for your money box ritual


Create a money ritual and allow the Universe to surprise you 

Custom Money Reiki Box Bundle

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