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Crystal Roller Ball Essential Oil Bottle Necklace

This beautiful Quartz crystal essential oil necklace comes with the Aphrodite oil blend in a mini bottle that you can use to fill up the bottle necklace.


You have the option to choose to already include the oil in the necklace bottle. You get an extra mini bottle of oil to replenish. Just unscrew the bottom bottle and remove the top roller cap and add the oil blend using the dropper. Then place the roller cap back on and screw the bottle into the necklace.


You can also add your own blend or perfume in it if you choose.


It's so easy and this little mini bottle holds a really nice amount of oil in it.


The Aphrodite blend is my signature blend using Moringa oil as base, Neroli, Jasmine, Gardenia, Blue Lotus and Helichrysum flower essential oils.


It is a floral, woodsy scent.


I have 3 different designs available (limited availability)

Design A = Crystal Brown Quartz

Design B = Crystal Milky Quartz

Design C = Crystal Milky Quartz


Crystal Roller Ball Essential Oil Bottle Necklace

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