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Soul Healing Build a Bundle

Your soul came here to live a spectacular life!


I was called to put together this build a bundle so that I can support you on your journey of creating a life of freedom and joy. This bundle gives you the flexibility to book multiple sessions in the way that feels most aligned to you including Human Design. By booking multiple sessions here you also get an amazing price!


Any bundle you put together is only $333 (These bundles are worth up to $659 when you book them separately)


Every healing and session is done through the lens of your Human Design.


Here are your options:


✨ Human Design Reading 1.0: Learn your energetic blueprint and how to live your life in alignment with who you truly are. This is an introduction to your Human Design where we go over your profile, energetic type, strategy in how to show up in the world to create the life you desire and your Authority which is how to make decisions in the most aligned way for you.


We will also go over your energy centers and discuss where you take in energy from the world and where you have consistent access to your energy. This will open your eyes to who you are energetically. It is there to unviel the magic that is you. It is there to let go of who you are not. You will also get introduced to your Cosmic Human Design chart which is an introduction to the evolution of our soul. 


This includes: 1.5 hr zoom session, a recording of our session, a pdf report of your design and energetic healing of your open centers.


✨ Shamanic Healing: The sessions include a variety of holistic healing modalities like: Reiki Energy Healing, Light Therapy (light language activations), Shamanic Reiki, Crystal healing, Metatron for deep Chakra healing and balancing, Violet Flame Reiki for love and relationship and sound healing.


We meet over zoom and I take you through a meditation and visulaization following my own inner guidance and intuition. I will be preforming distnat Reiki using various modalities and sound healing tools. I also use my Healy Biofrequency device which I will run to read your aura and frequency and then send you the Bioenergetic frequencies to work on your energetic body. There is not ime and space in energy which makes distance healing very affective. 


This includes: 90 min 1:1 zoom call


Mindscaping: This is a simple process that was discovered by Mike Mandel as a tool for experiencing, designing and redesigning the inner landscapes of your unconscious mind. It is a process of accessing your deep unconscious mind in a way that can provide profound personal insight and change at a core level.


This is for anything really. For overcoming fears and doubts, reaching goals, Immune system support, Increasing motivation, breaking through stuck states, Increasing creativity and so much more. It's one session per issue you want to work on.


Mindscaping is achieved by first guiding the client into a light meditative state and then helping them to visualise the map of their unconscious mind where change can occur. The practitioner then guides the client through any changes that need to take place to achieve the desired result.


Because of the creative and imaginative nature of this therapy, even the darkest and heaviest of issues can be dealt with in a safe, relaxing and even a fun manner.


This includes: 60 min 1:1 zoom call


 🌺 Bonus: You will also receive an Aura Goddess "Ritual box" shipped to you as a GIFT to enhance your healing and promote self love. (Valued at $68) 🌺


Once you place the order with your bundle, you will receive an email with links to book your sessions. I recommend to book them 1-2 weeks apart.


I appreciate you and I am looking forward to sharing the magic that is YOU!


To Living Your Dream!
xoxo Aurailia

Soul Healing Build a Bundle

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