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1 hour virtual call with Mindscaping

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Call

Service Description

What is Mindscaping? Mindscaping was discovered by Mike Mandel and it is a tool for experiencing, designing and redesigning the inner landscapes of your unconscious mind. It is a process of accessing your deep unconscious mind in a way that can provide profound personal insight and change at a core level. Mindscaping is achieved by first guiding the client into a light meditative state and then helping them to visualise the map of their unconscious mind where change can occur. The practitioner then guides the client through any changes that need to take place to achieve the desired result. Because of the creative and imaginative nature of this therapy, even the darkest and heaviest of issues can be dealt with in a safe, relaxing and even a fun manner. It’s a type of guided visualization where the Client is able to explore their own unique mindscape (mental 3D map). A Mindscape is a place where personal challenges, things standing in the way of achieving goals, can be navigated leading to profound real life transformations. It is a journey through the unconscious which leads to solutions. Who can benefit from Mindscaping? Life's journey often confronts us with obstacles, leaving us feeling stagnant, demotivated, and doubtful of our abilities. Mindscaping emerges as the key to unlock these barriers and propel us forward. Whether it's overcoming fears, healing traumas, changing habits, or enhancing sports performance, Mindscaping offers the tools to navigate through life's challenges with newfound clarity and purpose. What’s the Process of Mindscaping Like? Relax into your seat, close your eyes, and trust in the guidance of your Mindscape Coach. This journey is both calming and captivating, offering enlightenment and enjoyment. However, the true magic lies in the immediate, transformative results you'll experience after the session. How Long Is A Typical Mindscaping Session? Usually, the duration is less than an hour. However, it's advantageous to set aside some extra time before starting a Mindscape session to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs and desired outcomes. Also I briefly go over your Human Design and bring in any insight relating to your chart and the issue you want resolved. This is done before the Mindscaping session as we want your unconscious mind to continue the work undisturbed.

Cancellation Policy

Payments are due upon booking *Any cancellations or changes must be done 48 hours before the booking time.

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