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The Open Energy Centers

Updated: May 30, 2023

Next to practicing following my Human Design type with it's Strategy, Not-Self and Signature theme, the next element that I find so much power in and LOVE teaching to others, is the wisdom from our Defined and Undefined Energy Centers. Specifically Undefined Centers.

Our Energy Centers are correlated to the Chakra System, and there are 9 represented in our chart in Human Design. These include the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Splenic, Ego / Heart, G- Center, Throat, Ajna, and Head / Crown. Each one is correlated to different themes in our human experience.

There is wisdom to be gained with our open centers. When you understand that the energy you are feeling in your open center is not yours it allows you to feel through it and let it go. It allows you to detach from this energy.

Here are short descriptions of your open centers:

Undefined Head:

When you have an Undefined Head center you will pick up ideas, inspirations and questions from those around you. You can even pick them up from scrolling on social media. You will feel the pressure to follow through each idea and inspiration. When you feel this, pause, write down the ideas and come back to them using your Authority on which ones to follow. You may feel frustrated that you don't have original ideas but just because you are picking them up from others doesn't mean you don't have original ideas. It's just a different way that you process them. You may take the inspiration that comes in and birth your own unique way of doing things. Allow the ideas to inspire your creativity.

Your mantra: I let go of the need to have completely original inspirations and ideas. I let go of the pressure of having to follow up on every idea and inspiration.

Undefined Ajna:

This center takes the inspiration from the head center and makes sense of it. It can see the whole and all the parts. When you are in tune with the Ajna center, you will have amazing capacity for clarity. When undefined, we can feel pressure to feel certain about things in life and have answers to everything. Most of your views and concepts are borrowed from external sources which makes you someone who is open minded and is able to see different point of views and perspectives. You may have also struggled with processing and retaining information.

Your mantra: It's OK to be uncertain. Truth is never singular. My gift is in seeing the different perspectives.

Undefined Throat:

When you have an undefined Throat, you can feel the need to talk, to get attention. Your wisdom comes in learning that attracting attention requires you to take a step back and listen, be in your power and know when to speak.

Your Mantra: I do not need to talk to get attention. I will speak when I feel inspired.

Undefined G-Center:

You are many sided and those around you see their own reflection in you. You are not designed to have a fixed identity. You may feel the need the be consistent as a person, rather than your natural fluid nature. You are designed to wear and try on different costumes in this lifetime.

Your Mantra: I am different with different people and that is OK

Undefined Heart\ Will Center:

When undefined, there is this innate lack of self-worth and the need to prove yourself to those around you. This can push you to make promises that you will ultimately not be able to keep. You may compare yourself to others. Don’t do it :)

Your mantra: I do not need to prove myself to anyone. I am worthy just for being me.

Undefined Spleen Center:

When you have an undefined Spleen, there is a need to want to feel safe. This leads to holding onto people and things that are not good for you. You are not designed to be spontaneous in life like others with a defined Spleen.

Your mantra: It's OK for me not to be spontaneous like others. I am safe. I can let go of those that are not good for me.

Undefined Solar Plexus Center:

When undefined, you take on other people’s emotions. You are an emotional empath. You may have a tendency to not confront people or act in a way around people to make them feel better so that you feel better through their emotions.

Your Mantra: It is not my responsibility to make someone else feel better. I am not a sponge to others emotions. I acknowledge the emotions and allow them to go through.

Undefined Sacral Center:

When you have an undefined Sacral, you not have consistent life force energy to do things. This means that you are not designed to work as hard as others that have a defined Sacral, like generator types. You are designed to be a smart worker rather than a hard worker. You’re vulnerable to burnout.

Your Mantra: It's OK for me not to work as much as others around me. My success is not proportional to my work effort.

Undefined Root Center:

When it is undefined, you do not have consistent access to the pressure that's needed to move things forward. You could sit on incomplete projects and would not feel the drive to do anything about it. You are driven by other people’s adrenalized energy without even knowing it.

Your mantra for this: It's OK to feel no pressure or drive when I am alone. I can choose to enjoy the present moment or to borrow this energy when I need it.

Pay attention when you are trying to be someone that you are not. We are often pressured to be do-ers that most of us are not designed to be. Bring your awareness to when you are feeling energy that is not yours. Learn from what's coming in. Borrow this energy for the lessons or energetic boosts but then release and let it go.

If you are curious on what open centers you have, enter your exact birth information here and I'll pull up your Human Design Bodygraph (chart) and send you a FREE guide on your energy type, so you can start living in alignment with your most authentic self.

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